Perfect Pairs

Our new autumn menu features some seasonal twists on some O’Connell’s classics, and we wanted to share our favourites with you.

Warm up your tastebuds with something smaller to start. The wallaby tartare is rich with poached raisin, pickled cucumber and slow cooked duck yolk. The dried wattle, flax seed wafer and native salt bush gives it that crunch perfectly complementing the raw wallaby. We recommend a light pinot noir or oaked chardonnay for the wine lovers, and a stout for those who prefer a brew.

The Fraser Island spanner crab cocktail is an ingenious twist on a seafood cocktail. With Sunshine Coast crab bound together with crab bisque and rolled in a cannelloni-style cucumber tube, it makes for a light start to your meal. Try it with a bubbly drink such as a Champagne or prosecco.

If you love seafood but are looking for a heartier starter dish, go for the Fremantle octopus. We poach and char-grill the octopus and pair it with a charred chorizo atop an almond and capsicum paste romesco sauce. This one goes best with a rosé or a light pinot.

Ready for your next course? We recommend the pan-roasted highland duck breast. We poach it, pan roast it and serve it with caramelised oranges, figs and beetroot purée. A Malbec, pinot or Bordeaux complements this dish nicely.

The smoked potato gnocchi will delight the tastebuds of our vegetarian friends. The smoke infusion adds an earthiness to the dish and the slow caramelised black garlic gives it a deep sweet flavour. Pair it with a chardonnay, Malbec or light pinot.

Our crumbed Flinders Island Lamb Brisket is not your average Sunday roast. This dish is slow cooked overnight, tossed in a Zartar spiced crumb and fried. Best enjoyed alongside a pinot, cabernet or pale ale.

Our tantalising desserts make the perfect finish to your O’Connell’s meal. Chocolate lovers will be head over heals for our Madagascan chocolate delice. This chocolate torte is set and served with a slow cooked orange marmalade and burnt orange ice cream. Pair it with a Malbec, Bordeaux or rosé.

If you’re looking for something a little lighter after a big meal, go for the peanut butter parfait. It’s layered with whipped buffalo milk yoghurt, frozen peanut butter parfait and a peanut crunch and it goes nicely with amaretto or an espresso martini.

Visit us today and give these perfect pairs a try.