Head Chef Tony Moss Nominated for Chef of the Year

Our esteemed Head Chef Tony Moss will compete alongside 31 other finalists to become 2019 Foodservice Australia Chef of the Year.

Competing chefs are given key ingredients to craft two signature dishes (one entrée and one main) in just one hour. It’s a test of creativity, culinary knowledge and ingenuity.

“Being a modern-day chef is one of most rewarding and challenging acts of organised chaos that there could be,” says Tony.

Exposed to a rural upbringing, the importance of the whole process from the farm to the table was ingrained from a young age.

“Our neighbours next to our farm had a winery restaurant, I washed dishes from twelve years old, I was hooked.”


He believes a modern-day chef should balance their impact on the environment by not only sourcing ethical and sustainable produce, but also understanding where it comes from and being on the forefront of technological advancements that help produce food in a more energy efficient way.

“A chef is a person who knows it can’t be done by one person and one alone and that the more you teach, the more you learn. A chef is a person who can clearly communicate the needs of the kitchen at any given time to upkeep the smooth symphony that is service.”

Tony strives to develop, teach and foster an environment where his chefs, cooks and kitchenhands can learn, grow and more importantly fail in a controlled and safe environment.

“Chefs need to know the precise moment that each and every one of their staff is in their comfort zone and exactly when to push them out of it so that they will flourish and improve on their best each and every day.”


Tony’s experience, skill and beliefs in being a modern-day chef shine through in his O’Connell’s dishes.

“I tie it with the best possible produce we have access to, then I get to be a bit creative with it. Not trying to mess with the produce too much, hiding technique and emphasising flavour, making it look good and making a lasting impression.”

The competition is the most highly regarded and competitive professional chef event in the country, and it takes place on Sunday 23, Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 June. Whatever the result, the team at O’Connell’s is thrilled about Chef Tony’s selection to the competition, and will rally behind him throughout his journey.