Welcome Tom Brockbank

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O’Connell’s is excited to welcome our new Head Chef, Tom Brockbank to the kitchen this spring.

Hailing from Kent in England’s southeast, Tom grew up surrounded by farms that still inspire his philosophy in the kitchen today. He spent a great deal of his youth exploring the farms, getting his hands dirty and developing an eye for picking the freshest produce. To this day, Tom has a passion for finding creative ways to use well-sourced, high quality local produce. With a notepad in hand, he acquired recipes and tricks of the trade as he forged his career as a chef.

Fast forward ten years and Tom has settled in Melbourne , working with a number of industry giants and earning a string of accolades along the way.

“Through my obsessive, charismatic, confident and energetic personality I hope to bring excitement to the menu at O’Connell’s. Using my strong relationships with suppliers and farmers I will bring well executed, clean, flavourful and consistent menu and ensure every patron goes home with a smile.”

Tom’s bar menu and Spring a la carte menu are available now.

Tom’s Accolades
•     2016 – 2nd Place in the “Executive Chef of the Year Australia”
•     2015 – Silver in “Battle of the Pacific”
•     Two Silver Medals in Fine Foods, Sydney
•     Bronze Medal in Fine Foods, Sydney
•     2013-14 – Victorian Fine foods Chef of the Year, including Two Gold Medals (Pastry and Beef) Four Silver Medals (Pastry, Lamb, Beef and static)
•     2013 – MLA Chef of the Year
•     2011 Roux Scholarship National Finalist, London